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Principal : Arundathi  Gangula

Address : 2-32, Nizampet Road, Hyder Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

About the School : Imparting Education, Inculcating Values …. for 30 years. Love the child as he/she is, not for the prizes or marks he/she gets. If you love a child for his/her achievements, it becomes a conditional love. Conditional love is always a business. So, love your child/children unconditionally. Sanghamitra school offers a specially prepared environment for young children to feel comfortable, secure and happy. we always strive for excellence in care, safety and the child’s wellbeing. Sanghamitra started its operations in the year 1990 with 135 students and 7 teachers and today it is home to 1800 students and 100 +teaching staff in a 2.35 acres. We focus on all round development in curricular and non-curricular areas. We have kept pace with the evolution of teaching methodologies and changing learning styles. Our teaching learning standards include internalizing paradigm global learning standards, reviewing present patterns by integrating CBSE’s significant reforms, while not deviating from our traditional value systems. We are built on a very strong foundation of values. The faculty is committed to facilitate the students to be self-reliant, develop a quest of lifelong learning, strive for excellence and become respectable citizens. We have 100 % pass percentage and 0 % teacher attrition rate. We have seen 3 generation s and our alumni ‘s children are joining the school. Our teaching and non-teaching staff retire and leave the school Our aim is to provide holistic education with special emphasis on consistency and hard work. We believe that children learn best in the atmosphere of sharing and caring. We are committed to instil children with a sense of self-discipline, self-confidence and compassion. Students learning is not limited to the classroom but extends to the school corridors, Values Lab, Learning Labs, Sports, Community service, Under privileged schools.

Reason for Joining SLN Global Network : To share the best teaching practices, various strategies in professional development and participation in policy making.

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