To be the largest community of System Leaders in Education, where everyone belongs, collaborates, and thrives


To develop an empathetic environment within schools; where they work for each other’s improvement through the power of relationship, collective leadership and peer learning, to learn from the past, sustain the present and be equipped for the future.

About the Collective Leadership Approach

Schools today exist in a complex, networked world full of greater uncertainty and higher velocity than at any other time in the education sector. School leadership must be prepared to respond accordingly. They must develop new strategies and forms of leadership to move from hierarchical entities to a collective leadership approach. True collective leadership is what happens when several capable people with complementary strengths and competencies, sharing common high values and character, and centred around a compelling purpose and vision, combine to provide direction among a company of people and contribute to their success. It requires specific conditions for the success of the whole: trust, shared responsibility, transparent and effective communication, accountability, and shared learning. It is based on the recognition that without the diverse gifts, talents, perspectives, and efforts of many, sustainable change is difficult to achieve. This means that everyone has a voice and takes full responsibility for the success of the team and schools, not just for their own schools.

About SLN Global Network

Mr. Francis Joseph, a School Development Expert & the brain behind the SLN Global Network, believes in the thought of “Being the System One Wants to Change” which is the journey he embarked on, to foster collective leadership. It is important to develop the ability to see the larger system. People typically focus their attention on the parts of the system most visible from their own vantage point. Helping people see the larger system is essential in building a shared understanding of complex problems. This understanding enables collaborating schools to jointly develop solutions not evident to any of them individually and to work together for the health of the whole system rather than just pursue symptomatic fixes to individual pieces. It is important that every School/School Leader/Teacher Leader align to the larger education ecosystem, much beyond their own school. Fostering reflection is also critical, as most of us carry forward the taken-for-granted assumptions into any conversation, which as a mental model may limit us. This is an essential doorway for building trust. This gave birth to the
SLN Global Network which aims to work with Schools/School Leaders/Teacher Leaders/School Networks, from all across the World on the principles of System Leadership. SLN Global Network is managed by SLN School Leaders Network Foundation, a non-profit entity established for the development of Private and Public schools. SLN was founded with the SLN School Partnership Programmes (inspired by the “National Leaders of Education programme, U.K.”), which started with 19 schools in year 2016, which later grew to 150 schools (both from the Private and Public schools) working together in Mumbai city. This “peer-learning” model of schools started spreading in different cities of the country and was also taken up by schools beyond India.

Key Objectives and Benefits of joining the SLN Global Network

  • To improve & strengthen each other’s school, be it affiliated to any board.
  • To share best practices, programmes, events, activities & resources.
  • To remain updated on latest trends & happenings.
  • To undertake collaborative projects for students & teachers amongst member schools
  • To collaborate with policy makers.
  • To develop a “school voice”, with no space for activism.
  • To conduct research in education & education leadership.
  • To network within the education community.
  • To collaborate in Professional Development, Curriculum Design & Development, School Operations, Regulations, EDTech, Branding, Marketing, Financial planning, Scale and Strategy.
  • To conduct Polls & Surveys
  • To share case-studies in Education.
  • To collaborate with corporate professionals/companies.
  • Access to the brand of “SLN Global Network”.

SLN Global Network strongly believes that the future classroom will be a collaborative and a powerful learning community. The
Power of Relationship and unified school networks across boards will not only strengthen education but also accelerate the pace of student achievements, better learning outcomes and build global citizens across schools. For Schools, every decision made impacts students, teachers and families - the entire school community. This is why having peer-learning among school leaders can help take your school to the next level. Through the Network, we aim not only to improve our own schools, but also our peer schools. Every school will now have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children in the larger community. SLN will allow for schools to experience, engage, network and collaborate with teacher & student communities outside their boards and curriculums. This will promote divergent thinking and will enable the best teaching minds to come together and create powerful professional learning communities.

Who Manages the SLN Global Network

Every Member School will be inducted as a Co-founder of the SLN Global Network. It is the responsibility of every co-founding Member School to ensure that the objectives and the functioning of the Network is managed & scaled.

What is expected from a Member School of SLN Global Network

  • Believe in Collaboration.
  • Willingness & dedication Open the doors of your school to other schools.
  • Acceptance to be a co-founding Member School of SLN Global Network.
  • Permission of the School Management to be part of the SLN Global Network.
  • Free Registration process via Google G Suite to facilitate the use of Collaboration tools.
  • Every member school has to scale the Network by connecting newer dots in newer cities & countries.
  • No Membership fees will be applicable.
  • Active on Twitter and other important social media platforms.

The 10 underlying Principles of SLN Global Network

  • Intention
  • Conversation
  • Growth Mindset
  • Connection
  • Empathize
  • Cooperation
  • Coordination
  • Collaborate
  • Life-long Learning
  • Sharing
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